Under Cabinet TV Mount

If you already have a small LCD TV you can turn it into a kitchen TV by installing a under cabinet TV mount. The under cabinet mount consists of a base unit and hinged arm. The base unit attaches securely to the underside of any suitable cabinet and allows the arm mechanism to be raised and lowered as required. This arrangement is sometimes referred to as a 'flip down' mount.

The final step is to attach the LCD TV to the end of the arm. This is easily accomplished via a standard VESA mount point.

Virtually any under cabinet mount will fit 75mm or 100mm VESA mount holes, the most common found on small kitchen TVs up to 19". To get you started here are our recommendations for kitchen TVs suitable for use with an under cabinet mount:
Coby TFTV1212
VESA 75x75
  Coby TFTV1524
VESA 100x100
  Viewsonic N1630W
VESA 75x75
Samsung LN19B360
VESA 100x100
  Coby TFTV1525
VESA 75x75
  Toshiba 19AV600U
VESA 100x100

Special Note: The excellent Toshiba 15LV505 and 15LV506 counter top kitchen TVs cannot be wall or under cabinet mounted. They do not have VESA mount points.

There are basically two kinds of under cabinet mount to choose from. The most common is the standard 'flip and swivel'. The TV can be placed in a horizontal or vertical position, plus it can be rotated, or swiveled. The swivel feature allows the screen angle to be adjusted as needed for optimal viewing.

A slight variation on this design is the retractable flip down mount. A slider mechanism incorporated in the base allows the TV arm to extend out from under the cabinet to provide more clearance.

You don't get the additional features common in kitchen TVs, like a clock radio or DVD player, but a under cabinet TV mount offers simple installation and since you only have to purchase the mount it can be very cost effective.

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