Kitchen TVs with 16 inch Screens

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Sceptre E165BV 16in LED HDTV

Sceptre E165BV-HD 16 inch LED HDTV  
With the number of small screen TVs on the market dwindling rapidly the Sceptre E165BV-HD 15.6" LED HDTV fills a much needed niche.

RCA DETK156R 16in LED Countertop TV

RCA DETK156R 15.6 in Kitchen LED TV  
With a screen size a tad under 16 inches the RCA DETK156R LED TV is squarely in the kitchen TV camp.

Viewsonic N1630W Counter Top Kitchen TV

Viewsonic N1630W 15.6in HDTV  
Viewsonic are better known for their computer monitors than TVs. The N1630W does a bit of both with an ATSC tuner, HDMI and VGA PC hookup.

Vizio M160MV 16 inch LCD HDTV

Vizio M160MV 16in LCD HDTV  
At 16 inches, the Vizio M160MV LCD HDTV is right in that sweet spot for everyday kitchen use. If you've been holding off buying a kitchen TV, the M160MV might get you off the fence.

WestingHouse PT16H610S Counter Top Kitchen TV

Westinghouse PT16H610S 16  
A 16" LCD HDTV might be a bit big for most kitchens but the innovative design and multitude of connection possibilities make the Westinghouse PT-16H610S unique.

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