Audiovox Kitchen TVs

Audiovox are one of the major manufacturers in the kitchen tv market and specialize is the undercabinet models. Their basic TV is the VE727 with a 7 inch drop down screen, followed by the VE927 with a 9 inch screen. The 12in KLV3913 has since been discontinued.

Product Summaries

Audiovox VE927 Under Cabinet TV

Audiovox VE927 9" Undercabinet TV/DVD  
If the space saving convenience of an undercabinet kitchen TV appeals to you, the Audiovox VE927 serves up a full menu of entertainment options in a compact and stylish package.

Audiovox KLV3913 Under Cabinet TV

Audiovox KLV3913 12 in. LCD TV/DVD Combo  
Looking for the Audiovox KLV3913 under cabinet kitchen TV? The bad news is they're no longer available. But we do have some good news...

Audiovox VE727 Under Cabinet TV

Audiovox VE727 7-Inch LCD Drop-Down TV  
It's nice to have a little entertainment while preparing meals, and the Audiovox VE727 packs a lot into one compact device. It features a TV tuner, built-in DVD player, and AM/FM radio for those times when you would rather listen than watch.

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