Kitchen TVs With 15inch Screens

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Toshiba 15LV505 Counter Top Kitchen TV

Toshiba 15LV505 15.6 in LCD TV/DVD  
Unless your counter top space is very tight this excellent freestanding 15.6" HDTV from Toshiba is one of the best kitchen TVs available.

Venturer KLV3915 Under Cabinet TV

Venturer KLV3915 15.4in Kitchen TV/DVD Combo  
For an under cabinet kitchen TV the KLV3915 offers one of the most compelling feature sets we've seen. And the 15.4" LCD screen is just the beginning.

RCA SPS36123 Under Cabinet Kitchen TV

RCA SPS36123 15.4 in Kitchen TV/DVD Combo  
With the RCA SPS36123 under cabinet TV you get a big 15.4" screen, ATSC tuner, DVD player, AM/FM radio and a chef friendly clock/timer.

Coby TFTV1525 Counter Top Kitchen TV

Coby TFTV1525 15 in LCD HDTV  
The Coby TFTV1525 continues to build on the company's earlier kitchen TV offerings and will appeal to the cost conscious consumer that wants flexibility and ease of use.

Coby TFTV1524 Counter Top Kitchen TV

Coby TFTV1524 15 in LCD HDTV  
The Coby TFTV1524 offers an impressive feature set for a low price and comes with enough connections to keep even the most die hard techie happy.

LG 15LW1R Wireless Counter Top Kitchen TV

LG 15LW1R Wireless LCD TV  
If the idea of drilling holes in your kitchen walls and threading cables is too scary to contemplate then consider the innovative LG 15LW1R. Unlike a conventional TV this device consists of two parts. A base unit transmitter and the wireless TV receiver.

Pandigital PANTV1512 Counter Top Kitchen TV

Pandigital PANTV1512 Kitchen Technology Center  
The Pandigital PANTV1512 should have been the kitchen TV equivalent of the iPod. Unfortunately, it suffers from too many shortcomings to make it the success it deserves to be.

Coby KTFDVD1560SVR 15.6-Inch Under Cabinet TV/DVD Player

Coby KTFDVD1560 15.6-Inch Under Cabinet TV/DVD Player  
As under cabinet kitchen TVs go the Coby KTFDVD1560 is a nice blend of features, screen size and easy of use.

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