RCA DETK156R 15.6 in Kitchen LED TV

RCA DETK156R 16in LED Countertop TV

With small screen TVs disappearing faster then you can say HDMI the introduction of the RCA DETK156R countertop LED TV is an encouraging sign.

With a screen size a tad under 16 inches this model is squarely in the kitchen TV camp. It's big enough to be seen across the room, but small enough to fit into those tight kitchen spaces. In addition to it's compact dimensions it also comes with a reasonable selection of connections, including HDMI, coax, component, composite A/V and a VGA socket if you want to use it as a computer monitor. Basically enough to be useful, but not so complicated that you need a degree in electrical engineering to set it up.

Virtually all TVs in this size range suffer from very poor sound quality, and the DETK156R is no exception. If you can't live with the tinny sound there is a simple workaround. Using the headphone jack you can connect a set of external speakers which will improve matters considerably.

The other shortcoming, also common in competing models, is the restricted viewing angle. To get the best picture you need to be viewing it straight on. Move a little either side and the picture quickly washes out. Fortunately the built-in stand does have a fair amount of tilt and swivel so chances are you will be able to get the screen pointing the right direction.


The RCA DETK156R is both economical and practical with just enough features to keep the average user happy without overly complicating things. No, it's not the best picture quality out there but it still offers a decent entertainment value.

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