RCA Kitchen TVs

Product Summaries

RCA DETK156R 16in LED Countertop TV

RCA DETK156R 15.6 in Kitchen LED TV  
With a screen size a tad under 16 inches the RCA DETK156R LED TV is squarely in the kitchen TV camp.

RCA SPS36123 Under Cabinet Kitchen TV

RCA SPS36123 15.4 in Kitchen TV/DVD Combo  
With the RCA SPS36123 under cabinet TV you get a big 15.4" screen, ATSC tuner, DVD player, AM/FM radio and a chef friendly clock/timer.

RCA SPS36073 Under Cabinet TV

RCA SPS36073 7in Kitchen TV/DVD Combo  
The RCA SPS36073 is the latest entry in the under cabinet TV market. It comes with a 7in screen, ATSC tuner and DVD player.


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