Viewsonic N1630W 15.6in HDTV

Viewsonic N1630W Counter Top Kitchen TV

Viewsonic are perhaps better known for their computer monitors than TVs. The N1630W is a bit of both with an ATSC tuner and HDMI input plus a 15pin VGA to hook up a PC. In either mode it does a reasonable job at an attractive price.

The screen is crisp and sharp but like many other LCD TVs suffers from a very narrow viewing angle. If you're not sitting directly in front of the TV the picture will degrade noticeably. At sharper angles you might wonder if the thing is on. An adjustable stand would help matters, but unfortunately only a fixed one is included. With no tilt capability you need to carefully position the TV at eye level for best results. On the plus side the TV is VESA compatible so mounting it on a wall with a fully adjustable wall mount would go a long way to solving the problem.

The sound quality is fairly typical for a small portable TV. Ok for listening to the news while preparing breakfast, but for anything more demanding a separate set of external speakers might be necessary.

You get a a full compliment of A/V connections including HDMI, component, composite and S-Video. If you decide to use it as a computer monitor the native resolution is a workable 1360 X 768.

While the Viewsonic N1630W does have a few shortcomings, it is still a capable counter top kitchen TV that is versatile, lightweight and represents good value for money.

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