Kitchen TVs with 8 Inch Screens

If your kitchen is on the small size an 8in screen will probably prove an ideal size for a kitchen TV. Your viewing distance will typically be no more than a few feet so anything much larger is not going to buy you much.

Following is a list of all the known kitchen TVs with a 8" screen. Some models are no longer in production but you might find them available using our advanced ebay search tool.

Product Summaries

Venturer KLV39082 Under Cabinet TV

Venturer KLV39082 8-In Kitchen TV/DVD Combo  
If you're looking for a space saving kitchen entertainment option that wont break the bank the Venturer KLV39082 will make a welcome addition to any kitchen

GPX KCL8886DT Under Cabinet TV

The KCL8886DT is an slim under-cabinet TV with an 8.1-inch LCD screen, AM/FM radio, clock, alarm and full function remote control. Overall this model has had serious reliability problems, and as such we cannot recommend it.

GPX KCL8887DT Under Cabinet TV

GPX KCL8887DT 8.4" LCD TV Screen DVD, DVD+R/RW, CD, CD-R/RW JPEG disc player, digital dual TV tuners - HDTV off air tuner and 181-channel cable-ready.

GPX KL858S Under Cabinet TV

GPX KL858S  
The GPX KL858S is a slim under-cabinet kitchen TV with an 8.1 inch flip down LCD screen, digital tuner, AM/FM radio and digital clock with timer.

Philips DCD778 Under Cabinet TV

Philips DCD778  
At the time of its introduction the Philips DCD778 was the only under cabinet kitchen TV that came with a built-in iPod docking station. Unfortunately we found it almost an afterthought. All you can do while playing music is advance, rewind and pause.

Memorex MVUC821 Under Cabinet TV

Memorex MVUC821  
Memorex MVUC821 with 8" Swivel Widescreen LCD Display, ATSC Digital tuner, DVD Player, Fold-Flat Design. The Memorex MVUC821 does not accept standard cable TV input. Your only options are to install an antenna for OTA broadcast channels or use your cable company's converter box.

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