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Audiovox Kitchen TVs

Audiovox are one of the major manufacturers in the kitchen tv market and have several undercabinet style models to choose from. The basic TV is the VE727 with a 7 inch drop down screen, followed by the VE927 with a 9 inch screen, and finally the 12 inch KLV3913. more..

Audiovox KLV3913 12 in. LCD TV/DVD Combo

Looking for the Audiovox KLV3913 under cabinet kitchen TV? The bad news is they're no longer available. But we do have some good news... more..

Audiovox VE727 7-Inch LCD Drop-Down TV

It's nice to have a little entertainment while preparing meals, and the Audiovox VE727 packs a lot into one compact device. It features a TV tuner, built-in DVD player, and AM/FM radio for those times when you would rather listen than watch. more..

Audiovox VE927 9" Undercabinet TV/DVD

If the space saving convenience of an undercabinet kitchen TV appeals to you, the Audiovox VE927 serves up a full menu of entertainment options in a compact and stylish package. more..

Coby Kitchen TVs

Coby Electronics Corporation manufactures a broad range of consumer electronics products targeted to the value conscious consumer. They have three kitchen TV models available, two are the undercabinet type designs, plus one conventional countertop model. Both undercabinet models have built in DVD players.  more..

Coby KTFDVD1093 LCD TV/DVD Combo

For small to medium sized kitchens the Coby KTF-DVD1093 features a 10.3" screen, doesn't take up much space and is convenient and simple to use. more..

Coby KTFDVD7093

The Coby KTF-DVD7093 Kitchen TV comes with a small, but practical, 7 inch LCD screen that swivels 360 degrees and folds up into the base unit when not in use. more..

Countertop Kitchen TVs

Countertop kitchen TVs are about as simple as kitchen TVs get. Basically, all you need is a little counter space and a nearby electrical outlet. If you plan on watching cable you will also need a cable TV jack. more..


The FAVI L1918A-V-BL is more of a kitchen media hub than kitchen TV. Equipped with a dizzying array of connections and features it can accommodate just about any kitchen entertainment job you can think of. more..

GE 75500 7in TV DVD Radio

The GE 75500 has a sleek modern design that would look great in any kitchen. It also has some nice features like a "membrane" style control surface that makes cleaning a snap. Unfortunately is is very prone to failure. more..

Kitchen TV Reviews

Kitchen TV - Cook along with Hell's Kitchen contestants or try the latest from America's Test Kitchen. Kitchen friendly TV's were never this much fun. more..

Kitchen TV Top Picks

We searched through dozens of kitchen TVs to bring you our top six picks that offer the best value and features. Click on the links below to get more details. more..

Memorex MVUC821

Memorex MVUC821 with 8" Swivel Widescreen LCD Display, ATSC Digital tuner, DVD Player, Fold-Flat Design. The Memorex MVUC821 does not accept standard cable TV input. Your only options are to install an antenna for OTA broadcast channels or use your cable company's converter box.  more..

Philips AJL700

Philips AJL700 is a stylish under-cabinet LCD TV combo with a 7" inch wide screen display, DVD player, AM/FM radio, remote control and clock timer. more..

Philips DCD778

At the time of its introduction the Philips DCD778 was the only under cabinet kitchen TV that came with a built-in iPod docking station. Unfortunately we found it almost an afterthought. All you can do while playing music is advance, rewind and pause. more..

Philips Kitchen TVs

Philips originally came out with two kitchen tv models, but they did not prove very successful. At this point it is unlikely that you will find either the DCD778 or the AJL700 available from any electronics outlet. more..

Polaroid FDM1000A

Since the Polaroid FDM-1000A does not have an ATSC tuner you are really limited to DVDs or AM/FM radio. To watch TV your only real option is to hook it up to a cable converter box. more..

RCA SPS36073 7in Kitchen TV/DVD Combo

The RCA SPS36073 is the latest entry in the under cabinet TV market. It comes with a 7in screen, ATSC tuner and DVD player. more..

RCA SPS36123 15.4 in Kitchen TV/DVD Combo

With the RCA SPS36123 under cabinet TV you get a big 15.4" screen, ATSC tuner, DVD player, AM/FM radio and a chef friendly clock/timer.  more..


Since the Sony ICF-DVD57TV does not have an ATSC tuner you are limited to AM/FM radio or CDs. To watch TV your only real option is to hook it up to a cable converter box. more..

Sony Kitchen TVs

Sony originally had two good kitchen TVs on the market with analog tuners. But with the roll out of digital TV both models have now become obsolete. We hope they bring things up to date and include models with an ATSC tuner, together with the latest features consumers have come to expect. Until then, look elsewhere. more..

Toshiba 15LV505 15.6 in LCD TV/DVD

Unless your counter top space is very tight this excellent freestanding 15.6" HDTV from Toshiba is one of the best kitchen TVs available. more..

Under Cabinet TV

An Under Cabinet TV is a television specifically designed to hang underneath a kitchen cabinet. Unlike a conventional kitchen TV that might sit on a counter top the under cabinet kitchen TV floats above the work area. more..

Venturer Kitchen TVs


Venturer KLV39103 10in Undercabinet Kitchen TV/DVD Combo

The 10 inch screen of the Venturer KLV39103 under cabinet TV sits comfortably between its 8 inch and 15 inch siblings. But is it just right for your kitchen? more..

Venturer KLV3915 15.4in Kitchen TV/DVD Combo

For an under cabinet kitchen TV the KLV3915 offers one of the most compelling feature sets we've seen. And the 15.4" LCD screen is just the beginning. more..

Westinghouse PT16H610S 16

A 16" LCD HDTV might be a bit big for most kitchens but the innovative design and multitude of connection possibilities make the Westinghouse PT-16H610S unique.  more..

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