Audiovox VE727 7-Inch LCD Drop-Down TV

Audiovox VE727 Under Cabinet TV

It's nice to have a little entertainment while preparing meals, and the Audiovox VE727 packs a lot into one compact device. It features a TV tuner, built-in DVD player, and AM/FM radio for those times when you would rather listen than watch.

The supplied remote control is magnetic, so you can stick it to the side of the fridge. The remote is also the only way to directly switch to a desired channel. The base unit comes with an up/down arrow than allows you to move one channel at a time.

The quality of the LCD screen's picture is acceptable for an LCD. Remember though, if you are used to a regular TV, that any LCD has a limited angle at which it can be viewed. Someone not used to this could end up thinking the Audiovox's picture is worse than it actually is. On the plus side the screen can rotate 270 degrees.

Installation requires a bit of work, but this is typical for anything that mounts upside down. If you have done this sort of thing before, you shouldn't have trouble getting yours set up. Just make sure that the Audiovox's footprint isn't too big to fit in the space you want it installed into.

It appears some people have had trouble with this unit not working after a few months; however there don't seem to be an overwhelming number of complaints.

All in all, the Audiovox VE727 seems like it would be a nice addition to any kitchen where it can be installed and used. There is also a larger 9 inch screen version.


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