Kitchen TV Reviews

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Why do I need a Kitchen TV?

The kitchen TV has become increasingly popular as more and more people are cooking their own meals and staying home. But let's face it, preparing food can be a chore, especially when you have other things to do. A kitchen television can help you speed through everyday meal preparation while letting you catch up on the news or your favorite shows. Cook along with the contestants of Hell's Kitchen or improve your technique with the latest dishes from America's Test Kitchen. A ktchen tv has rapidly become the latest must-have appliance.

Unlike the TVs from years ago kitchen TVs today are small, easy to setup and come with a full range of features, including AM/FM radio, clock/timer and in some cases DVD players.

Location, Location, Location

Probably the most important decision in buying a kitchen TV is the location. Unlike a conventional TV that might be in your living room a kitchen TV will be subjected to many extreme environmental conditions, such as heat, steam, spills and splatters. Taking a few minutes to select a suitable spot will help ensure trouble free operation as well as your viewing enjoyment.

Review your kitchen layout and overall design. Do you have a large or small work area? Does your kitchen have an island? How much space is there between your cabinets and the counter top? With this information in hand try and select a location away from any heat or water sources. Avoid locations near your cooking range or sink. Keep in mind you will need a nearby outlet plug and if you plan on using cable you will need a connection for that also.

Kitchen TVs come in three basic designs: under cabinet, wall mount and counter top. Counter top TVs do not require any installation, but the under cabinet and wall mounted designs offer more flexibility and free up valuable work areas.

Under Cabinet TV

An under cabinet TV is ideal for busy kitchen areas where work space is at a premium. This is a popular design as the TV is attached to the underside of a nearby cabinet so as the work surface areas are kept clear. TVs using this form factor have the added advantage of allowing the screen to swing up into the cabinet out of the way when not in use. It also helps keep the screen away from spills and splatters.

Under cabinet kitchen TVs require installation as they must be affixed to the underside of the cabinet. If you're in the process of remodeling your kitchen then you should plan for the TV mounting points and cabling in your design ahead of time.

Kitchen Counter Top TV

This is by far the simplest to install. Just place on your kitchen counter top, plug in and you're ready to go. The downside is the TV will be occupying some work area space that could have been used for something else. Also every time you have to wipe down the counter top you will need to move the TV.

Wall Mount Kitchen TV

The wall mounted TVs also require installation as they must be attached to the wall. In addition you will need a nearby power outlet and if you plan on using cable as your programming source a suitable connection will be needed.

Like the under cabinet TVs the wall mounted versions can be placed out of the way and are usually easier to locate for optimal viewing angles.


A kitchen TV can add a new level of convenience and entertainment to the daily routine of meal preparation and other kitchen activities. Now home chefs can catch up with their favorite shows and still keep to their busy schedules. And don't be surprised if you find you have some company in the kitchen next time.

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